From the first illustration to the largest factory of hand-designed wallpapers. How the Studijo was created, who we are, and how your favorite wallpapers are created.

Our story began with a vision. It is a story about courage that dreams big dreams and lives the fruits of their reality. It was the dream of a young artist who, ten years ago, replaced the canvas on the easel with digital painting .

At that time, elegance in the brushstroke was looking for its place under the sun. It was this brush that gave birth to the idea of ​​creating art outside of all frameworks. A couple of sleepless nights later - the Studijo wallpaper was created. We spent every weekend working, giving up everything except our children. We used to welcome the morning together with the machines. But we didn't give up. We simply believed in that story with every atom of ourselves and knew that everything happens for a reason.
We knew we didn't want to be anywhere else.

Today, when we see how our wallpapers live the happiness of homes around the world, we know that we have achieved our mission.

Hand-painted wallpapers

Studio wallpaper is primarily characterized by authenticity and timeless art.
Each wallpaper is carefully designed and painted by hand, giving every space a touch of art. In addition to top-quality materials and production technology, we imposed ourselves on the market with personalized wallpapers and thus started a whole new industry in the world of design.
Our exit from the comfort zone has most often borne fruit. Our passion for innovation and quality has taken us to the top of the international design industry. We were among the first in the region to introduce waterproof wallpapers to the market. We ensured their uniqueness on the market with environmentally friendly materials, an innovative combination of the final coating and ease of installation.

People - the definition of our success

Our wallpapers are not just a product - they bring emotion to every room. The story of our people is woven into each of them, which can be felt and experienced. Our team consists primarily of women, experts in design and creativity, true visionaries in the world of design, while male team members are in charge of numbers, production and logistics. It's the people who make all this worth it today. We are extremely grateful to everyone who walked with us even one step on this path. I believe that this is exactly what the people who gave us their trust and welcomed us all over the world felt.

The first Croatian wallpaper factory

In 2022, we put the entire production process under the same roof and started the first Croatian wallpaper factory. There was no end to our happiness. Creativity and production are finally drinking coffee together. We managed to use all our muscles and muses of inspiration and offer the world a completely Croatian product. Now, every millimeter of wallpaper that leaves our factory carries with it a piece of Croatian design, passion and pride.

Excellence confirmed by world design awards

The excellence of our work is confirmed by the dominance of the Studio brand on the podium of the most prestigious competitions in the world of design:

In 2020, we were chosen as the most successful in the category 'Development of ideas and innovations in entrepreneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe'.

2021 at the prestigious Archiproducts Design Award wallpaper competition Maslinik was declared the most beautiful in the world.

In 2022, that title was taken by the Marble Flower Wallpaper Studio

In 2023, the same wallpaper was awarded with the German Design Award for the best world design.

Therefore, thank you for choosing us and thus becoming accomplices in the realization of our wishes...

You don't like it


Our team

These are the people who run the STUDIJO.

There are more, but they didn't want to take a picture...

Iva , Ana and Ida-Maria are a wonderful trio that is available to us and to you. Graphic designers who process orders and listen to your wishes, receive and listen to clients.

In a previous life, Ivana held the position of a detective, but for the current position, I am sure that the Studijo is a perfect match. She is the one who holds the reins and strings of all events in the office. Quotations, invoices, contracts and emails are typed by her cheekbones.

Željko was a model in his previous life, so due to burnout he decided that he would never stand in front of the camera again. Believe me it exists, production stops without him.

Goran is an interesting character who married a colleague from the office long before everything smelled like this today. Head of logistics, procurator, control freak. Back in this life he was a petroleum engineer, and he is now, only his company is a little better than it usually is in that branch.

And "Jozo" draws and explains who is who.

Big thanks!

Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading this. Thank you for every kind word, recommendation, suggestion or order. Everything means a lot to us. You are the ones who gave value to our work. Without your desire and the privatization of our wallpapers, all this would not make much sense.