General terms & conditions

General terms & conditions


Please read these General Terms of Use of the online shopping service carefully before using the website for the purpose of purchasing products advertised on it or obtaining information about a particular product.



The holder of all rights on the website is Studijo Wallart doo , Alberta Ognjana Strige 19, 10000 Zagreb – HR , OIB: 80861953515 / E-mail: (hereinafter: Studijo ) which through the mentioned page provides a sales service through its service - Web shop (hereinafter referred to as: Web shop ). By using the service of the Web shop and all associated pages and services on the domain , it is considered that consumers are at all times familiar with these Terms of Sale (hereinafter: Terms), and that they fully understand and accept them. These Terms apply to the rights and obligations related to the purchase of products through the Web shop and the rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of the Distance Selling Agreement (hereinafter: the Agreement) between the consumer as the end customer and the Web shop.

The provider of internet sales through the Web shop is Studio.

We advise users to familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions before making a purchase and to check them regularly, in order to be familiar with all user rights and obligations.

The studio reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice and will not be responsible for any possible consequences resulting from such changes. The aforementioned changes come into force upon publication on these websites.

The use of Web shop services is permitted exclusively for adults. The use and use of the Web shop by children or minors is not allowed, and parents and/or guardians are obliged to take care of this, otherwise they assume all rights and obligations arising from such use, and the Studio is not responsible for any consequences of such use.

The web shop does not guarantee that the product photos fully correspond to the appearance of the product itself. The photos are of an illustrative nature and do not have to fully correspond to the actual appearance and content of the product, and the customer cannot advertise such products on this basis.

These General Terms and Conditions of online shopping govern the relationship between the User, that is, the Buyer of the Studio Web Shop and the Seller, and in relation to the terms and conditions of using the web shop, ordering products, paying for and making products, delivering products, picking up products, complaining and returning products, duration of the contract, confidentiality of personal data and other issues related to the use of the Web Shop and online shopping, all in accordance with the applicable regulations, primarily the Trade Act, the Electronic Trade Act and the Consumer Protection Act .

The product purchase agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded at the moment when the Seller receives an electronic message containing the buyer's statement that he accepts the offer, i.e. at the time of ordering the product.

All the content of the Web Shop Studio website, as well as the General Terms and Conditions, are subject to changes by the Seller, and the Users, that is, the Buyers, are obliged to review the content of the website each time they visit it, and for the sake of complete information. The seller bears no responsibility for the failure of the user or the customer to do so.



These Terms and Rules determine the procedure for ordering, paying, delivering and complaining about the products offered on these pages. The procedure and conditions of purchase/sale of goods via the Internet store are defined through the following stages:

  • Using the web shop service
  • Ordering products
  • Payment and production of products
  • Product delivery
  • Picking up the shipment
  • Product return/complaint
  • Duration and termination of the contract

The supplier of the ordered goods is Studio, which enables the purchase of its range of goods on offer through the Internet store, according to the customer's delivery address.
The customer is a natural or legal person who orders the product and pays for the product delivery service to the Seller, through the Web shop.
Products are delivered at prices valid on the day of ordering, and all prices are expressed in EUR.
The studio reserves the right not to deliver the order if there is suspicion of misuse.

2.1. Using the web shop service
To use the services of the Internet store, you must be at least 18 years old. The customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data entered during registration and purchase.
If there is any change in the data you entered during the purchase, please notify us of the changes as soon as possible via the e-mail address:

2.2. Ordering products
Products are ordered electronically. By pressing the "Add to cart" button, the selected product is added to the customer's cart. Products are considered ordered at the moment when the customer goes through the entire "Checkout" process.
The customer is allowed to purchase all available products and the entered data is used only for the current purchase.
Product images on the online store are illustrative in nature, and the image illustrating the product on the website may not fully correspond to the actual appearance and content of the product.

2.3. Payment and production of products
The customer undertakes to pay for the ordered products to the Studio, using the payment method indicated on the web shop pages.
If the customer has decided to pay by advance invoice, an offer with all the product information will be sent to the electronic address of the recipient of the invoice.
Upon receipt of funds to our business account, the product will be adjusted according to the Customer's specification, after which a picture of the final appearance of the product will be sent to the Customer for approval.
By sending the approval, the Buyer confirms that the product is clearly adapted to the wishes and needs of the Buyer, and on this basis, the Buyer loses the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.
From the receipt of manufacturing approval, we need a maximum of 7-10 working days to manufacture the product, unless otherwise indicated on the offer itself.

2.4. Product delivery
Orders are collected by the delivery service on a daily basis and delivered to customers' addresses by their own delivery vehicles every working day.
The usual delivery time of products within HR is 1-2 days (3-5 days except islands).
The cost of delivery is included in the price of products whose value exceeds EUR 100.00 + VAT (HRK 753.45 + VAT) for the territory of the Republic of Croatia. For other delivery conditions, the delivery cost will be calculated depending on the delivery location and expressed separately before paying for the product itself.

2.5. Picking up the shipment
The ordered product will be assembled in such a way that it cannot be damaged by normal handling during transport.
This does not mean that the shipment cannot be damaged during transport.
The buyer or the person authorized by the buyer to take over the shipment is obliged to visually check the shipment before taking it over.
In case of visible damage to the packaging, it is necessary to document it and refuse to receive the damaged shipment. Please send a picture of the damaged shipment to as soon as possible so that they can track the status of the shipment and send a new one as soon as possible.
After signing the receipt of the shipment, the Buyer or the person authorized by the buyer to take over the shipment confirms that the product had no visible external defects.

2.6. Complaints/return of products
The customer has the right to complain about the purchased product within 14 calendar days of receiving the product.
In the event of a product complaint, the customer is obliged to contact the Studijo in writing via mail or email.
In the complaint, it is necessary to state the order/invoice number, the type of problem and attach pictures of the advertised product.
Justified complaints can only be accepted before damaging the product, such as cutting the product or applying glue to the product and/or placing the product on the wall.
Based on a written complaint for the return or replacement of the product, the studio will return a written response to the customer within 15 days with an explanation of the acceptance or rejection of the complaint.
In the case of a positive response to the complaint, the Studio will offer the customer the possibility of returning the funds to the account or making a new product in the shortest possible time.
In case of a positive response to the complaint, the customer will return the product at his own expense in the condition in which it was delivered and in the original packaging to the Studijo's address (the address will be indicated in the written response).
After taking over the advertised product, the Studio will, within 14 days, depending on the Customer's wishes, create a new product in the shortest possible time and deliver it to the Customer at no additional cost, or refund the full amount to the same account from which the payment was received.


The contract that the Buyer concludes with the Seller is a one-time contract for the purchase and sale of products at a distance, which is concluded by the delivery of the goods and the payment made by the buyer, in case it is not terminated. These Terms of Purchase are an integral part of the contract.