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Palm oil on canvas

Palm oil on canvas

Studio wallpapers are made of extremely high-quality and solid materials, and depending on the type of material, it is possible to order them in the following versions:

DeluxWall - label for wallpaper made of vinyl (water-washable), weight 350 g/m2 , which has a linen or smooth surface structure.

HydraWall - label for wallpaper made of glass-plastic (waterproof), weight 210 g/m2 , which has a rough structure.

The paint applied to the wallpaper is ecologically tested and safe for use in closed spaces, meeting the strictest criteria regarding volatile organic compounds (VOC) - Greenguard Gold Certificate .

Each studio wallpaper can also be made on canvas and hung as such over a hidden frame, for more information contact us via the contact form.

Roll width

DeluxWall - vinyl - 350 g/m2 - roll width = 65 cm

HydraWall - glass-plastic - 210 g/m2 - roll width = 90 cm

It is necessary to order the entire number of rolls.

Production and delivery

After visible payment, the new Studio wallpaper is created according to the dimensions of your wall, and a proposal of the appearance of the wallpaper for printing is sent to you.
After receiving approval for printing, the wallpaper is sent for production, which takes 7-10 working days.
Immediately after the wallpaper is made, it is handed over to the delivery service, which delivers it to your address.


Installation instructions can be downloaded from the links below:


DeluxWall - installation instructions

HydraWall - installation instructions



DeluxWall - installation manual

HydraWall - installation manual

    Technical sheets
    Palm oil on canvas
    Palm oil on canvas

    Our standard


      Certified product - safe for indoor use


      We deliver to all countries


      The design of the wallpaper is manually adapted to the dimensions of each wall


      The guarantee refers to color fastness

    Frequently asked questions

    Is the glue included in the price of the wallpaper?

    The glue and all necessary coatings come together with the wallpaper and are included in the price.

    Is wallpaper installation included in the price?

    Wallpaper installation is not included in the price.
    If you need help with installation, let us know the location of the project and we will send you the contact of the nearest professional upholsterer.

    Is the delivery of the wallpaper included in the price?

    Wallpaper delivery is included in the price for Croatia for orders over EUR 100.00 + VAT (HRK 753.45 + VAT).
    For all other cases, considering the entered address, the system will calculate the delivery cost and display the amount before payment.

    What to do if the package is damaged during delivery?

    By signing the receipt, the recipient of the shipment (or another person authorized to receive the shipment) confirms that the package was delivered undamaged.

    In case of visible damage to the package during delivery, the recipient of the shipment (or another person authorized to receive the shipment) is obliged to take a picture of the package and refuse to accept it and send us a complaint about the delivery (together with the picture).

    How are wallpapers maintained?

    DeluxWall wallpapers are made of vinyl and as such are water washable, which means that they can be wiped with a damp cloth/sponge and mild soap without fear.
    wallpapers are made of glass-plastic and together with the adhesive and coating form a waterproof system, which means that they can be cleaned with a cloth/sponge and household ceramic cleaner.

    Is it possible to remove the wallpaper?

    DeluxWall wallpapers can be manually removed from the wall in one piece (if the wall was primed before installation, there should be no damage to the wall).

    HydraWall wallpaper cannot be removed manually, and removal requires the use of mechanical force (e.g. sander).

    What to do in case of complaint?

    In the case of a justified complaint, be sure to take a picture/record the product and contact us as soon as possible in order to find the most favorable solution.

    Justified complaints can only be accepted before applying glue to the product and/or placing the product on the wall.

    Express yourself with